Please find below some frequently asked questions we receive regarding DanTDM On Tour. We have tried to answer as many of them as we can here, but realise that some may need a more personal or unique response. In these instances, if you are unable to find the answer to your question below, please email info@akaaustralia.com.au

How long does the show last?

DanTDM On Tour will be made up of (approximately) a 55 minute first act, a 20 minute interval and a 50 minute second act.

What is DanTDM On Tour about?

DanTDM On Tour will take Dan’s online life and bring it into the real world. There will be characters from his channel, fun games to be explored, adventures to go on and you’ll also get to meet his pet pug Elly!

Will there be tour merchandise available?

There will be tour merchandise available for fans to buy.

I’m a huge fan of Dan and would like to meet him one to one. Is this possible? As you can imagine, everyone coming to see DanTDM adores him and his channel and would love to meet him. Dan too, would love to meet as many of his fans as possible. However, unfortunately we are unable to facilitate this for everyone. We have made a limited number of Diamond Minecart VIP package tickets available. These upgrade tickets include a guaranteed meet and greet with Dan, a photo of your meet and greet taken by a professional photographer that you can download after your meet and greet and a tour merchandise bundle worth $50! This was felt to be the best way of doing it, to allow as many people to see Dan as possible within the time scale that we have. And guess what! As a parent you DO NOT need to buy a Diamond Minecart VIP ticket - you just need to make sure you have a ticket to the show, as all children 16 & under will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I upgrade after I have bought a ticket?

You can only purchase a Diamond Minecart VIP ticket at the point of purchasing a show ticket.

What is the recommended age of DanTDM On Tour?

There is no minimum age for this Tour but given the length and content of a Performance it is not recommended for children under the age of 6. Children under this age will be admitted provided that they are in possession of a valid ticket. All children, whatever age, must have a valid ticket for the Performance in order to enter the Venue. Children 16yrs and under must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Theatre Access- do the venues have provision for wheelchairs and those with limited mobility?

All of the theatre venues have seats available for wheelchair users and for those whose mobility is limited. Customers with legal carers are entitled to a carer ticket, or equivalent, available via the venue only.

Additional information

DanTDM is completely family and child friendly. The show may contain loud noises and surprises, and any customers with a medical condition affected by these should be aware of this. The show should not therefore pose any great risk to visitors who suffer with any special needs. Customers with any special requirements please contact the venue in your city, as aisle seats and similar may not always be obvious from venue ticket seat maps.